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Others sell dreams, we sell solutions
Anti-Executable Enterprise
3cx ahmed technology
Faronics Anti-Executable safeguards PCs like never before. It offers the ultimate protection from sophisticated threats like zero-day attacks, mutating malware, and advanced persistent threats.
3cx ahmed technology
T security is a difficult job. With over 73,000 unique pieces of malware identified daily, you need the best anti-virus software you can find.
Deep Freeze Enterprise
3cx ahmed technology
Faronics Deep Freeze makes your Windows PCs indestructible. It transforms the way IT Admins and home users protect small user environments.
Faronics Cor
3cx ahmed technology
Faronics Core is a multi-tool for IT professionals. It's a simple remote management tool that makes it easy to centrally manage your endpoints.
3cx ahmed technology
Faronics Insight puts teachers back in control of the classroom. Using the simple Teacher Console, you can eliminate distractions from surfing the web to online gaming.
Power Save
3cx ahmed technology
Power Save Sample Features & Specs How It Helps Customer Stories Webinars Videos Web Dashboard Tight budgets mean that IT professionals are trying to stretch their dollars even further so we've got you covered. Faronics Power Save will bring immediate savings to your organization.
System Profiler
3cx ahmed technology
Be aware of all the applications running on your machine is a difficult task. Changes occur in an instant. Who recorded the changes when they occur, just in case?
Winselect Enterprise
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Sometimes end users can get into trouble unintentionally – creating more IT support tickets. Trying to implement acceptable use policies can be practically impossible and that's where the danger lies. But here's an easy solution.